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The Web Control client manager interface will start automatically after a few seconds. Please read the V7 Introduction page for basic information and further explanations of the new client features. While the default options are typically the recommended options, see the ConfigurationFAQ for additional setup options. Table of Contents. Quick Start Standard Installation — Recommended!

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All Users. Introduction to V7. New Terminology. Web Control — This is the new simpler graphical interface front-end. This is the default control program. FAHControl — This is an alternate new graphical interface advanced front-end. This more advanced interface is optional. This is a truly unified client slot manager.

Each folding slot can download, process, and upload results independently. FAHViewer — This is the new and fully functional work unit viewer.

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FAHViewer is modeled after the very popular PS3 viewer, and continues to offer the many rendering options, ball and stick, space fill, zoom, rotation, etc. What is new in V7? Quick Start.

Download and run the installer. Click Continue, Continue, Agree, Install. Enter admin user name and password. Click OK, Close. Always use a Passkey. Click Save. Standard Installation — Recommended! Figure 2 Double-click the package to install.

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The informational welcome panel is displayed see figure 3. Figure 3 Click Continue. The license agreement is displayed see figure 4. Figure 4 Please read the agreement, then click Continue. The option to agree to the license is shown see figure 5. Figure 5 If agreeable, click Agree to continue.

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I am not going to sign-up as a beta tester since I have too many other commitments right now and I only post on the Folding Forum very occasionally so I am less than an ideal candidate. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and for those that celebrate it, Happy St. Thank you. Hi everyone, Installing the 7. It kept all of my settings from the previous client I had chosen not to delete the FAHData folder from the 7. This is a web browser method of controlling the folding clients on your PC.

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This is the traditional method of controlling the folding clients and is still a normal application that you run on your PC. By default this is set to Medium. This enabled my CPU to fold but unusually with only 7 of the 8 cores enabled. My CPU is a quad core but has hyper threading enabled resulting in 8 cores. I later found out that this is expected behaviour when the slider is at medium.

Folding: The Death of the General Purpose CPU

At full, all of the CPUs cores are used. Since I have 2 GPUs and they use a lot of electricity to power them especially when some work units take 10 hours to complete , I do not always want to fold using both at once. To control the slots, you must right click each individually and choose the option you are looking for. FAHControl is considered the expert method of controlling the clients and will always offer more options and flexibility than WebControl.

This was realized when a reporting error was fixed in their statistics resulting in an accurate total. Finally I have not upgraded my Geforce driver to I hope that you have found my observations of the new client useful. Hi everyone, I wanted to say thanks to in alphabetical order : Mattbricky mpetersrx7 Simkill for your continued contribution to the Folding team. I was very wrong with my estimate that a new Folding Home client was to be released at the end of this month or in early March. Version 7. I have 2 WUs right now. While it is not strictly necessary to clear the work queue to upgrade the client, it can make for a smoother upgrade process.

If all goes well I also intend to upgrade to the I will post my thoughts on the new client and how the new driver works probably by Wednesday or Thursday next week. I am upgrading one thing at a time and trying it for a few days before drawing a conclusion. I also hope to post some screenshots on how the new client differs from the old for routine folding.

Mattbricky said: Thanks for that Jimboc, i found a post asking a similar question to mine, so ive gone and ordered the card, if there has been something ive over looked and it doesnt work, i will keep it for the folding rig im going to be building. Cheers Matt. Just for reference, is this the thread that answered your question?

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  5. At PPD you will very quickly move up the folding ranks. Edit: 11th Feb I wish to welcome another new member to the team: mpetersrx7 Apologies for missing your previous contributions. Feel free to drop us a note in this thread. Finally, it will be interesting to see what performance increases the new series of Nvidia GPUs will bring in the coming weeks.

    If I can help you out in anyway, please let me know. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hi everyone, Since previously mentioning the new 7. The new Folding Home client 7.

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    Edit: 17th February The Folding Home client has now reached version 7. This version contains a number of bugfixes.

    Folding: The Death of the General Purpose CPU

    The release notes are located here. It has been mentioned that a final release of the client is expected very soon I would estimate the end of this month or in early March. While a screensaver mode is nothing that the software had not previously included in older versions, it was absent from recent versions. The reason for its re-inclusion is that when folding with a GPU, it can cause user input lag while you are still using your PC.

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