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Final Draft is a more robust program than you might realize. It has built-in reporting features that can help you in all stages of pre-production and production. Preview your screenplay, label each board with shot details which generates a shot list at the same time, and save it as a slideshow that your whole team can watch. StoryBoard Fountain is a web app features a modern user interface that allows you to sketch in your vision via a digital tablet. It's free, and although new, has already drum up substantial new users. For both screenwriters and film producers, coverage sites are invaluable filmmaking tools to get feedback on a script at any stage in production.

Upload your screenplay to be discoverable by industry pros. Get evaluations by professional readers on where you can improve your story. It can run on the costly side, but hey, it's Hollywood, baby. The Launch Pad , a subsidiary of Tracking Board, is "dedicated to launching writing careers. There was a time when breakdown sheets, stripboards, day-out-of-days, and other production documents were typed up and carried around in giant binders. Woe to the clumsy assistant with the too-full cup of coffee! These days, all that stuff gets done digitally.

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Here's a list of the best filmmaking software currently available. StudioBinder is most known for its easy to use interface and integration between scheduling, breakdowns, and contact management. Yamdu offers less features than StudioBinder, but shares one thing in common: For an in-depth comparison between Yamdu vs StudioBinder click here. Movie Magic Scheduling , followed by its younger rival, Gorilla Scheduling , are the traditional options for running your production. These are robust programs that live on your desktop computer.

Chances are, your line producer or production manager are using software like this to create everything from the production schedule to script breakdown sheets. The software is reliable, but user experience and lack of collaboration makes them feel clunky. Make sure to allocate enough time for training and ramp up.

Movie Magic Budgeting has been the go-to industry standard for many years.

61 Best Filmmaking Software and Tools of

Gorilla Budgeting is a slightly cheaper and newer competitor, and offers similar functionality. Many producers and line producers like to use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to create their budgets. Spreadsheets are completely customizable and easy to share with other members of the production team.

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There are many available budgeting templates that can start you off. Can't find a Hollywood producer to back your project? Looking for some extra support on your indie film? Look no further, as we list the best crowdfunding sites and break down which one is best suited for your project. Unlike Kickstarter, you can opt to receive all funds donated, regardless of hitting the goal you set. Running a successful campaign is a great way to grab the attention of an established Movie or TV Producer. Every user is required to go through a greenlight process to make sure they can execute their project.

Like a wedding registry, donors can give more specific donations for specific items on your production gear, camera, catering, you name it.

7 Best Apps for Filmmakers: Pre-Production

Slated operates by connecting your project to high net-worth investors with taste suited to your project. No funding is actually transferred through Slated, but the relationships with film producers are worth quite a bit. Looking for a TV Producer? Then Patreon may be the crowdfunding solution you're looking for.

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Perfect for Youtubers and web series, Patreon funds filmmakers on a monthly basis. In exchange, creators provide their backers with updates and exclusive bonus content.

No two line producers are different. Not every filmmaking tool can be on the computer. The top hardware is as follows. Much of your work as a film producer involves a flood of digital data on your laptop. Make sure you have enough storage space! The MicroSD card will appear as a drive, and will immediately be available for use. This is problematic for producers who rely on their trusty laptops to manage production software and documents on set. The Road Trip is a unique car socket charger that comes with a built-in external battery for charging on-the-go.

The idea is that you plug it into your car socket and plug your phone in the other end. When you reach your location, unplug the charger from the car and take it with you to keep your phone charged. It can field calls, emails, check weather, traffic, scan documents, take photos, or become a wifi hotspot for your team. As such, battery life can quickly become an issue. The Mophie is essentially a phone case with rechargeable batteries built-in.

Mophie and others also offer several external battery options that you can just plug in and use to receive a boost when needed. The Mophie is still our top pick since it offers longer battery life and costs a bit less. One of the most daunting parts of being a film producer is casting your project and hiring a crew.

While your various coordinators will handle the actual hiring, it doesn't hurt to familiarize yourself with the best tools for finding your cast and crew. After you've drawn up a casting call and the appropriate forms , it's time to post your listing so the right actors sign on to your project.

Tailored to actors of the stage, silver screen, and big screen, Backstage breaks down your casting call into an intuitive interface. Actors can easily search for parts, perfect for them, and submit to your project online for an easy project.

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With an easy to navigate structure, Breakdown Services ensures your cast listing reaches its voluminous base of actors. With hundreds of Facebook Groups tailored towards filmmaking, posting a listing is a matter of entering your project details and clicking. We've outlined the best Facebook Groups here. As a producer, you're running a business, so make sure your productivity software is loaded and ready to go. Film producing is comprised of a plethora of spreadsheets and documents, so no toolbox would be complete with an office suite of applications.

Google Drive is an equally great alternative and free. But beware!

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Open source app Blender is primarily a 3D graphics, animation and design toolkit, but it also includes a full non-linear editor. It cuts, splices and masks, mixes audio and has up to 32 slots for adding items, masks and effects. Once you've spent a little time with Lightworks, you'll soon grasp the basics. For more advanced editing techniques, check out the excellent video tutorials available free on the official site. The basic version of DaVinci resolve is packed with advanced editing tools, and more are available as add-ons if you want to try a more adventurous project. Free video editor Avidemix puts you in total control over audio and video encoding — ideal for creating new projects and converting existing videos. OpenShot works together with Blender see below to deliver 3D animations and special effects alongside everything you'd expect from a timeline-based video editor.

film producing software for mac Film producing software for mac
film producing software for mac Film producing software for mac
film producing software for mac Film producing software for mac
film producing software for mac Film producing software for mac
film producing software for mac Film producing software for mac
film producing software for mac Film producing software for mac

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