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While having quick access to different functions can be useful, the more buttons there are on a presenter, the greater your chance of a misclick is. One thing we looked at in particular in our research is the type of battery the presenter requires. AAA batteries are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. AA batteries are even better. Avoid button or coin cell batteries, as they tend to be more expensive and harder to find.

Support As with any hardware, product support is important. Support options such as online chat, FAQs, email, and telephone support can go a long way in resolving any questions or concerns you may have about your product. Be sure to see what support options your product manufacturer offers before buying. Also, pay attention to the warranty.

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  • Example: Logitech R700.

The length of warranties varies greatly from company to company. Some warranties for wireless presenters are as short as 90 days, while others last up to five years. In our research, the highest ranked wireless presenters received their high scores because of excellent features and integration of those features in their design.

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  8. Support was also a major consideration in assigning scores. With useful features, elegant design, and excellent product support, our top-ranked wireless presenters will enhance any presentation. Perhaps the most important aspect of a wireless presenter is the wireless part. How far the presenter can transmit its signal is very important. With a foot wireless range, the Logitech R allows you to be anywhere you want to be during your presentation. This mobility enables you to engage your audience directly instead of spending most of the presentation hidden behind a computer using a mouse or keyboard.

    A foot wireless range means that even large stages or presentation halls aren't too big.

    The R has a nifty little LCD display that indicates the strength of the wireless signal. If you do somehow manage to tread outside of the foot range of the presenter, the signal strength indicator will warn you, possibly preventing a hiccup in the presentation. The signal strength indicator can also be a measure of any possible interference. Knowing how well your wireless presenter will respond is key to pulling off a great presentation.

    Another disaster-prevention feature is the low battery signal. Nobody wants to be in the middle of a big presentation and have the batteries go dead. Imagine giving an important presentation in front of your coworkers and, heaven forbid, your boss. All seems to be going well until, despite your best efforts, your wireless presenter ceases to respond to your clicks. This would be extremely embarrassing and, what's worse, it would force you to use a mouse or a keyboard for the rest of the presentation.

    That is why the low battery indicator on the R is a welcome addition to its already spectacular features. Logitech is true to its name and included a logical tool in the R — a very handy timer and vibrating alarm. With a single glance, you can see the wireless signal strength, battery life and time. At the beginning of your presentation, you can start the stopwatch time function to keep you on track.

    Logitech Presenter R Tool | Department of Statistics

    You can also set alarms at certain intervals to remind you to move along with the presentation. These alarms come in the form of simple vibrations. It is very important to start and end a presentation at the specific times allotted you. People are busy and have places to be. Meetings have agendas and urgent topics that need to be discussed. Therefore, you, the presenter, need to be as accommodating and on-time as you can be. There aren't many better ways to do this than keeping track of time and setting reminder alarms.

    The staple ingredient of all wireless presenters is the laser pointer. The R presenter features a wonderful green laser pointer. In the world of laser pointers, green is better than red. Green lasers have a higher frequency so they're easier to see. It can be frustrating when you try to highlight a point in your slideshow presentation, but the red laser pointer you're using doesn't show up on the screen very well, making it difficult for your audience to follow along.

    Laser pointers in general are great tools for harnessing the attention of your audience, which is essential to giving a successful presentation. The green laser pointer on the Logitech R is one of the better ones we've seen in our comparison, and it will help you deliver expert presentations. AAA batteries are easy to find and are relatively inexpensive. The low battery indicator will also help reduce battery costs.

    Without the battery indicator, you might be liable to trade out batteries before it is necessary to do so. We think it's a very user-friendly feature you shouldn't go without. Some wireless presenters use coin or button batteries, which are exactly what they sound like — batteries shaped like buttons or coins.

    Logitech Presenter R800 Tool

    These batteries can be costly and difficult to find. The fact that the R uses AAA batteries certainly helped it on its way to the top of our list. There are several different technologies that wireless presenters use. The first wireless presenters used infrared technology. Wireless presenters with infrared technology are very rare now due to the drawbacks of this technology. Infrared technology requires a direct line of sight with an infrared receiver.

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    8. Most of the time this means you have to point the wireless presenter at the computer for it to work. The Logitech R, and most other presenters, uses radio frequency RF technology, which is much more versatile than infrared technology. RF technology frees you from pointing the presenter at the computer, allowing you to face your audience and focus on their reactions. Having too many buttons on a wireless presenter can be frustrating.

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      However, not having enough quick-to-use functions at hand can also hamper your performance. The R finds a happy medium with five different buttons, all placed in logical positions. This is important because you won't have to look down at the presenter every time you want to use the laser pointer, advance a slide, or fade the screen to black.

      The R presenter also has a switch to turn the unit on and off. This is extremely helpful when traveling.

      gafatsaraback.cf Even if the R gets bumped in your laptop case, luggage, or briefcase, the batteries will not be drained by the time you get to your presentation. The R is not the slimmest wireless presenter we researched, but it is definitely a comfortable size. It fits snugly in your hand without being bulky or awkward. The ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and hold onto. While the presenter is not the smallest we have seen, it is still small enough to place in a pocket. At 8 ounces, the R is also not the lightest wireless presenter, but rather has enough weight that you can feel it and know it's there.

      Support is an important thing to consider when purchasing any hardware and Logitech's support is commendable. The first place to look if you have any issues with the R, is probably the user's manual. You can also contact Logitech through email or by phone. On Logitech's website, you can also find FAQs that may help you resolve any problems without going through the hassle of contacting the company. Perhaps most important is the three year limited warranty that Logitech gives with any purchase of an R wireless presenter.

      The Logitech R wireless presenter is an outstanding electronic device that can help you excel in any presentation.

      Key features

      The functional features will ensure that you're at the top of your game, and the sleek design will impress with its sophisticated style. The excellent wireless range and the handy LCD display are stand-out features. Logitech's support and three-year warranty are reliable and ensure that you will not be disappointed in this product. The Logitech R wireless presenter has earned its place as number one on our list. The most exciting feature of the Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse is its dual nature.

      Customer Reviews

      Simply by pressing a button located on the top and middle of the presenter, you can switch from mouse mode to presentation mode. The top of the Presenter Mouse looks and functions mostly like a normal mouse from Microsoft, but flip the device over and you'll find the presentation control buttons. This duality makes the Presenter Mouse an excellent choice for people who want to save some space in their backpack, briefcase, or laptop case because it can take the place of three pieces of hardware: a mouse, a media remote and a wireless presenter.

      This duality, or rather, triality, allows you to easily transition from the computer to speaking with your audience face-to-face. The Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse has a comparatively short wireless range of 30 feet. Of all the wireless presenters we looked at in our research, 30 feet was the shortest wireless range. However, for most people 30 feet is more than enough. In most venues where you'd make a presentation, the computer will most likely not be more than 30 feet away.

      We think this handy wireless presenter will fit most of your needs, whether you're a teacher, professor or business professional. The Presenter Mouse has many features, but one of the most important is a low-battery indicator. We were impressed that Microsoft implemented a low-battery indicator in this wireless presenter.

      It is a very useful tool that can prevent embarrassing situations — such as the batteries dying in your wireless presenter in the middle of your presentation. A low-battery indicator can also save you money. Instead of replacing batteries early because you're afraid of them giving out during a presentation, you can know exactly when the right time is to get new ones.

      wireless laser presenter for mac Wireless laser presenter for mac
      wireless laser presenter for mac Wireless laser presenter for mac
      wireless laser presenter for mac Wireless laser presenter for mac
      wireless laser presenter for mac Wireless laser presenter for mac
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