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Getting a Stuck Disc Unstuck

Just happy to finally have the disc ejected! Thanks — I tried several different things but eventually the disc drive ejected the DVD on its own. The computer had to be up and running for about five minutes before it took the action on its own. I was just getting ready to try the tilt method…. It worked! Half a Hallmark card in the slot with the disk, turn it off, wait a minute, turn back on and the disk automatically ejects without a command to do so! Muchas gracias con todos! Thanks man! Inspired by 3 , I just inserted credit card into the slot and moved it for a while inside.

Thanks for this. I just tipped it forward, as suggested, and it slid out.

Might have saved a timewasting trip to the Mac Shop. Saved me true hell Raymond. Mad Respect. Thanks for all the tips for future referance. I got mine out by pressing the F12 key while booting. Thank you I used costa caffee reward card : You have to stick it pretty deep though.

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It worked Thank you!!!!! Saved my day. Thank you thank you thank you for saving my night! Thank you so much!! I tried to do the duo thing of both mac and windows, and while doing windows it got stuck and i could not stop it from constantly trying to setup windows…. Suggestion 4 worked just as described above. I turned on my Macbook and let the DVD spin for about 10 minutes.

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After that, the disc automatically ejected and the OS booted normally. Thanks for saving me a trip to the repair shop Raymond! I inserted it into the slot and squeezed the upper and lower surfaces together by hand when it was most of the way in, grabbing the mini disc from above and below and pinching it between the two surfaces. After about three quick tries I pulled the CD right out. Inserting cardboard while holding down eject popped the DVD right out.

Thanks again for your help! This worked.. Thank YOU!!!!!!! Thanks you so much. I was about to cry, its my dads laptop, if I had broken it man I would have been busted. So thanks. I tried for over 2 hours to eject a disc and after reading this I restarted computer and held down touch pad. Thank you so much, prob saved me hundreds in unneeded repairs! Hey, I took it to the apple store and the guy got it out in literally 60 seconds.

How to Eject the Disc from a Mac? | MacsPro

What the guy did is he took two business cards made of cardboard, not plastic and put one on the upper brim of the cd slot and one on the lower. He did it about twice gently and bam, cd was out.

Terminal Tip Tuesday - Force Eject Stuck Disc / CD from Optical Bay

Good thing I scrolled down to read enough comments to reach yours, because the other methods do NOT work for those of us with a metal casing that is bent down over the drive! Thanks for saving me a trip to Apple store! It seems like many found this useful.

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  • Thank you, holding the track pad worked for me! I tried everything and finally that worked! I was so close to throwing it out the window and having an even bigger problem! The tilting one work a charm for me. I used an index card and followed your instructions. CD came out and it booted right up after that! Thanks so much!!

    How to Force-Eject the Disc from a Mac?

    I just saved my self a hundred dollars!! You are a God send!! I used one of my kids flash cards and tried what you said to do and it worked! Thanks for the help. Restarting the computer while holding down the eject button finally got mine to come out! Wow, I was freaking out. Disc stuck but my MBP booted fine, no issue there. The master had a label printed with a printer very thick i suspect that as culprit.

    Make sure that all discs are set visible

    No genius bar visit for me!!! THAT worked, after many other unsuccessful attempts. Anything worked with mine to eject the dvd and I had to TURN the macbook pro OFF not just restarting it and then press the touchpad button and the button eject at the same time. Thank you for your recommendations. They were really helpful. Vielen Dank. Thank you so much for your advice. I looked all over the help systems and discussions and nothing worked. By holding the track bar down and simultaneously putting an envelope in the hard drive to stop the disk from spinning it ejected ending a 6 hour ordeal.

    We had the exact problem that you described which was that it kept trying to boot from the CD. Now we get to fix a corrupt kernel, but at least we have a fighting chance. So thank you. Very practical advice. Your post really saved me money ,while helping me resolve a month long problem. Be blessed thanks again for your kindness in sharing your knowledge with me a perfect stranger.

    I was attempting to burn a disc on iTunes. So, after reading through a few forums I shut down my computer, waited a few seconds and turned it back on. As soon as I hit the power button I held down the track pad key but my macbook started making horrible noises so I let go and decided to press the eject key.

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