Windows 7 mac os file sharing

Connect to the Mac File Share from a Windows PC

I think I figured it out -- I shared a folder with a lot of folders I need within it.

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I have read access to everything, but write access only to the top-level folder that was explicitly shared. I'm not sure why the Dropbox I tried to make didn't work, since that was a single folder, but I'll call that user error of some kind. Network issues can be complicated to suss out so far as permissions are concerned, it's a step-by-step process really.

But this is what I was going to suggest next. Keep playing with it, and sorry this isn't easier for you. For other users' reference, after creating sharing on my Mac, I had to enter the IP address in Windows as described in this article and then wait a looooooong time. I had pretty much given up and was doing something else on my Mac when it finally connected.

still can't get Windows 7 to see Mac on home network

Maybe it would have connected by name instead of IP if I had waited long enough. But you only need to type the IP address once so it is easy enough. Sad update: Although I can write files to my Mac in the exact folder I've shared, my Mac user does not have permission to use them! Bah humbug.

Sharing Files On Your Mac With Your Windows Computer

As a Canadian apologizing is a deeply held cultural norm to me. I hope you get this all working eventually, just keep at it. I use this every day, so I know it works, but in some cases things can get more complicated.

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I recommend trying to connect directly with your IP address: If this works, you've got a starting point at least. Sorry I can't help more.

Getting Windows 7 and Mac OS X to Play Together

How do you think I should go on? All comments are appreciated!

Gather the information Windows users need

Why not just use Dropbox or Box. I haven't thought about file sharing in years thanks to those services. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

macOS Sierra: Set up a Mac to share files with Windows users

Enable the following: With these settings enabled, the shares will need to be mapped between the systems. Use the information below to map the folders between the two systems: Windows 7 Open Computer. In order to achieve a speedy publication, Quick Tips may represent only partial solutions or work-arounds that are still in development or pending further proof of successfully resolving an issue.

As such Quick Tips have not been reviewed, validated or approved by Dell and should be used with appropriate caution. Open the file manager, right-click a folder you want to share, and select Properties. Click the Local Network Share tab and enable sharing for that folder. Configure your sharing settings after installing the Samba software — be sure to click the Create Share button to start sharing the folder.

To connect directly to a computer, select the Connect to Server option in Nautilus instead and enter the path to the remote computer like so: However you connect, you may need to authenticate with a user account name and password that has access to the files on the remote machine.

How to share files between Windows and Mac -

This depends on whether you enabled guest access and how you set up your folder sharing permissions. Image Credit: Yutaka Tsutano on Flickr. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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windows 7 mac os file sharing Windows 7 mac os file sharing
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