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Presume you have already heard of the features I described above. I still believe, some of them appeared new to you. So go on reading to learn even more about this popular yet under-explored tool. Suppose you have a huge database with names.

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You need to assign a serial number to each name. You can do it in a flash by entering the first two numbers and double-clicking the Excel fill handle. It's not a problem for the AutoFill option to copy across the values that contain both text and numerical values. Moreover, Excel is quite smart to know that there are only 4 quarters or that some ordinal numbers need the corresponding letter suffixes. If you use the same list every now and then, you can save it as a custom one and make Excel fill handle populate cells with the values from your custom list automatically.

Please follow the steps below to do this:. Since you already selected the range with your list, you will see its address in the Import list from cells: field. Press the Import button to see your series in the Custom Lists window.

How to control AutoComplete in Excel

When you need to get this list autofilled, enter the name of the header into the necessary cell. Excel will recognize the item and when you drag the fill handle in Excel across your range, it will populate it with the values from your list. Use the AutoFill option to get repeating series If you need a series of recurring values, you can still use the fill handle. First, enter all these values manually to give Excel a pattern.

Then just grab the fill handle and drag it to the necessary cell. Most likely, you use AutoFill to populate cells down a column. However, this feature also works if you need to extend a range horizontally, leftward or upward. Just select the cells with the value s and drag the fill handle to the needed direction. The Excel Autofill can deal with data in more than one row or column. If you pick two, three or more cells and drag the fill handle they all will be populated. AutoFill also enables you to create a series with empty cells like on the screenshot below.

You can adjust the settings with the help of the AutoFill Options list to get the exact results.

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There are two ways to get this list. The other way to get the list is to click on the fill handle, drag and drop it and then click on the Auto Fill Options icon. When you click on this icon you get a list with AutoFill options. This list just repeats some features from the previous part. Autofilling formulas is a process pretty much similar to copying values down or getting a series of numbers. It involves drag-n-dropping the fill handle. You will find some helpful tips and tricks in one of our previous posts named The fastest way to insert a formula into the entire column.

If you use Office , you can try Flash Fill, a new feature introduced in the most recent Excel version. Now I will try to briefly describe what it does. Flash Fill instantly studies the data you enter and the format you use and checks if these data are already in your worksheet. If Flash Fill recognizes these values and grabs the pattern, it offers you a list based on this mode. You can click Enter to paste it or ignore the offer.

Please see it in action on the picture below:. Flash Fill enables you to format numerous names, dates of birth, and phone numbers in a click of a mouse. You just enter initial data, which Excel quickly recognizes and uses. I promise that one of our upcoming articles will give you as many details on this interesting and helpful feature as possible.

How to use AutoFill in Excel - all fill handle options

The fill handle option is turned on in Excel by default. So whenever you select a range you can see it in the bottom-right corner.

In case you need to get Excel AutoFill not working, you can switch it off by doing the following:. To prevent replacing the current data when you drag the fill handle, make sure that the Alert before overwriting cells check box is ticked. If you don't want Excel to display a message about overwriting non-blank cells, just clear this check box. Turn Auto Fill Options on or off If you don't want to display the Auto Fill Options button every time you drag the fill handle, just turn it off.

Similarly, if the button does not show when you use the fill handle, you can turn it on. In Microsoft Excel, AutoFill is a feature that allows the user to extend a series of numbers, dates, or even text to the necessary range of cells. This little option gives you plenty of possibilities.

Use AutoComplete when entering formulas - Excel for Mac

Use Flash Fill in Excel, autofill dates and numbers, populate numerous cells, and get custom list values. That's it!

Thank you for reading to the end. Now you know it all, or almost all about the AutoFill option. Subscribe to our blog to learn even more about this and other helpful Excel features. Let me know if I didn't manage to cover all the questions and issues you have and I'll be happy to help you.

Just drop me a line in the comments. Be happy and excel in Excel! For me to be able to help you better, please send me a small sample table with your data in Excel. Please include the result you want to get. You can email it at support ablebits. First of all i want to say thank you. Using Excel , I am not able to autofill a column of data by double clicking on the Excel Fill Handle.

Any ideas? I was able double click and auto-fill before, but can't now for some reason. I think, in your case, it would be better and faster to format your worksheet as Excel Table. Then enter your formula into column C and Excel will automatically copy it for the rest of the rows. How is this "better and faster"? In previous versions of excel before all you had to do is double click on the lower right corner and it copied your cell all the way down to the bottom of your data.

No need to declare table.

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  • Just double click and move on. Another step backwards by Microsoft. Something you left out which I really need I have a value in cell A1 through to columns.

    MrExcel's Learn Excel #718 - AutoComplete vs Validation

    I need to only get data from every 4rth cell, which is A1, E1, I When I autofill C1 and C2 to the right, I do not get every 4rth cell. Could you please shed some light on how I can achieve this?. Thank you very much! For me to be able to assist you better, please send me a small sample table with your data in Excel at support ablebits.

    Thank you for these excel information. I would like to know more and I hope you don't mind me asking. Example I have column B which has 5 list of data validation. Thank you for your question. I really appreciate your feedback. I don't think this is an auto fill issue, but would like assistance.

    I made a table with customers on the y axis and vertical market on the x. I placed a 1 to identify what vertical market each customer represents. I used the sum feature to add each column of "1s" to see which vertical markets we're doing best in. Now I want to combine all the sales people's results to a separate excel sheet in the book to get the totals of each salesperson to see which vertical markets we're doing best in and which one's we're not covering well. How do I copy my summation values with my vertical market data?

    It's two rows of information.

    autocomplete not working excel mac Autocomplete not working excel mac
    autocomplete not working excel mac Autocomplete not working excel mac
    autocomplete not working excel mac Autocomplete not working excel mac
    autocomplete not working excel mac Autocomplete not working excel mac
    autocomplete not working excel mac Autocomplete not working excel mac

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