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Word tracks certain summary information about documents, such as the number of words in a document. If you want to display the number of words contained in your document in the document itself that you can quickly update, this is easily accomplished. The number of words in your document is inserted at the cursor. NOTE: When the cursor is in word count number, the number is highlighted in gray because the number is a field.

To update fields in headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes, you must open those parts of the document and update the fields in them separately.

Word Count for a Section

You can also insert other document properties into your Word document, including built-in and custom properties. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Learn more Method 1. Launch Microsoft Word. This can be done by double clicking on the Word icon on your desktop, in your Taskbar Windows or Dock Mac.

Specific Word Count In Microsoft Word

If you don't see an icon, click on the 'Start" menu in the lower left of your PC's screen. Click on the 'All Programs" drop down and select Microsoft Word. On Mac, click on the Launchpad a gray rocketship icon in your dock.

Type 'Word' in the search bar at the top of the screen. Navigate to an existing document. To open a document, go to the File menu, and then click on Open. A dialog box will appear with a list of available documents. Select a document. In the dialog box, navigate to the document you wish to open.

Select the document, and once it's highlighted, click on Open in the lower right of the dialog box. Select Tools.

Find the word count of your presentation

Once your document is open, select the Tools menu at the top center of the window. Scroll to Word Count. In the Tools menu dropdown, click on "Word Count.

How to show Word Count in Microsoft Word 2010

Review your word count. A box will open displaying the number of words, as well as the number of characters, paragraphs, lines and pages, contained in your document. In many documents, the word count is displayed live in the center of the bottom bar of the document window.

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Click on this word count to get additional information, such as the number of pages and characters. Method 2. Place your cursor at the beginning of the text you wish to count. Click on the beginning of the sentence, paragraph or section of text for which you want a word count. Highlight the section of text. Drag your cursor to the end of the text section, which should now be highlighted in blue. Click on the Tools menu.

Select the Tools menu at the top center of the document window. Click on Word Count. Select Word Count from the Tools menu dropdown. A box displaying the number of words, characters, lines, pages and paragraphs will appear on the screen. The word count for a selected portion of text will usually be displayed in the bottom bar of your document.

Method 3. Launch the Microsoft Word mobile app. On your smartphone or tablet, tap on the Word app to launch it. Open a document. The app will usually open the last document you were working on. If not, you will see a list of recently-opened files. Tap on the file you wish to work on. Tap the Edit menu.

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Once your document is open, tap on the Edit menu a capital "A" with a pencil icon on top center of your screen. The Edit menu will open in the bottom half of your screen. In Word for iPad, simply tap on the "Review" menu at the top center of the tablet's screen. Tap on "Home. This will open a pop-up menu. Tap on "Review. Tap on "Word Count.

word 2015 mac word count Word 2015 mac word count
word 2015 mac word count Word 2015 mac word count
word 2015 mac word count Word 2015 mac word count
word 2015 mac word count Word 2015 mac word count
word 2015 mac word count Word 2015 mac word count

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