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Oct 14, AM in response to lifeisaproject In response to lifeisaproject. Oct 14, AM. This is an important issue, thanks TheBlaiseM. As with all other basic features of an interface. The toolbar does clutter the screen, it is distracting in several ways. I do not like seeing the loading status of pages. If you can remove it in fullscreen it's for a reason.

Think about putting some loading indicator on your TV or the time before the current program ends You could live with it of course but it's better without. It's been possible to hide the toolbar for years, for good reasons. Please Apple bring back the possibility to hide toolbar, if only through some impractical preference item.

Oct 27, PM.

How to Regain a Missing URL Address Bar in Safari for Mac OS X

Would you think that a good feature? I might send a request, or wish or however they call it.

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Jul 28, AM. They won't answer, but at least will know there is a problem or a suggestion for improvement. More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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This is irksome for at least 2 reasons: 1 first and obvious, user can't hide the toolbar and thus gain additional vertical space 2 user can't navigate Google's search results using keyboard only hitting TAB with toolbar hidden would activate Google's "Instant results", hitting TAB with toolbar shown will not Again, is this option really gone?

Answer: A: Answer: A: I should've been more precise with auto-hidden menu bar. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content.

How to disable address bar auto hide in full screen mode? - Google Chrome Help

User profile for user: pinkstones pinkstones. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Oct 1, AM in response to pinkstones In response to pinkstones It's not the end of the world, but it is a step backward in usability for all users, not only the keyboard-driven ones. User profile for user: heryien heryien. TV Speciality level out of ten: 0. User profile for user: Eric Root Eric Root. User profile for user: dan2bit dan2bit. Oct 6, AM in response to pinkstones In response to pinkstones Not the end of the world, no.

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How to get your URL bar back on Apple Mac Safari

Is this an El Capitan thing? Does anyone see it in Yosemite, with Safari 9?

Oct 8, AM in response to dan2bit In response to dan2bit dan2bit , You can still hide the address bar by removing it from the toolbar under the "Customize Toolbar Web browsers for the Mac allow you to create bookmarks that allow you to quickly access websites.

Some browsers come with preinstalled bookmarks, and you can add new bookmarks for any page you visit. In addition to saving a bookmark for a single page, you can bookmark multiple open pages at once, which results in a bookmark folder for that set of websites. You may add bookmarks to the toolbar below your browser's address bar or to a list on your browser's Bookmarks menu. Visit the website you want to bookmark in Safari. If you want to bookmark a group of websites at once, click the "File" menu and select "New Tab.

Click "Bookmarks Menu" to add the bookmark to the list that appears when you click Safari's "Bookmarks" toolbar menu.


Why Can't I See The Safari Address Bar?

This displays a small black options box near the top of the browser. Type a description for the bookmark next to "Name" and any tags that describe the bookmark next to "Tags. Click the "Folder" menu to select the folder where you want to put the bookmark. Select "Bookmarks Toolbar" to place the shortcut on the toolbar or "Bookmarks Menu" to place the site on Firefox's Bookmarks menu option. If you previously created personalized folders, select a folder name from the list shown to put the bookmark in that folder. Click "Done" when finished.

Visit the website you want to bookmark. Type a name for the website or group of websites in the "Name" field on the dialog that appears.

Click the "Folder" menu and select "Bookmarks Bar," "Bookmarks Menu" or an existing folder name if you're saving a single website. If you're saving a group of tabs, click on a folder name in the list below the "Name" field. Click "OK" or "Done" to create the bookmarks. Ashley Donohoe has written business, technology and education articles professionally since

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