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If you aren't a 1Password user, you can still visit the standalone Watchtower website checker. It'll give you the same information, but you'll need to enter one website address at a time. Change This Setting. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. Not With a Screen Reader. More gear. Weekend Discounts. Big Step. Author: Lauren Goode Lauren Goode. Tech in Two. Author: Louise Matsakis Louise Matsakis. Gadget Lab Podcast.

Buying Guide. Brian Barrett Google's. I've also been using SecureSafe for some time. Since I've been on the Mac platform for over 25 years, I still have a few pre-Lion essential apps that are keeping me on Snow Leopard.

Safari 13 Released for Mac

Therefore some of the other password solutions don't work for me, and I like all the SecureSafe features you've mentioned -- including the fact that it's free for my needs. Thanks for the tip on 1Password4 however, it is only for I'm one of those with a perfectly working MacPro that cannot install For me key chain has a severe design flaw. I'm afraid 1password will not correct that.

I have several identical records in my keychain for one service. There should be a manager for the online accounts. I've been an avid fan and user of 1Password for years and was an early purchaser of v4 while it was just a twinkling in Agile's eyes.

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However, there has been some significant pain early on in the release of version 4. I still cannot obtain all their browser extensions. The Safari extension worked day 1, thank you.

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I'm still battling to get the Firefox extension due to SSL errors and I can't even get Agile's website to resolve correctly in Firefox 24, and that's even after turning off ALL my Firefox extensions and restarting the browser. Not good. There are also aspects of the old GUI I would like to have been able to save.

Then consider the general annoyance of having to DIY remove the version 3 extensions for web browsers. Granny doesn't like that, I can tell you. IOW: There are a few 'Version 1. Not a clean rollout. I found a contorted workaround for getting the 1Password 4 extension for Firefox downloaded, installed and working.

I'm fine. I doubt may other people are. Therefore, I wrote detailed notes and sent them to Agile this evening. I have asked them to fix 4 specific things this week. I'm sorry I can't paste in the details here as they are far too long. But Agile should set things right this week as I've found them to be very responsive. I heard from Agile yesterday. They acknowledged the problems, provided an explanation, and hope that they currently have the problems repaired in order to allow the ability to add the 1Password extension to Firefox. They've also taken my request for an automated method of removing the old 1Password extensions, rather than forcing DIY removal, under advisement.

That will please dear old granny. I made the mistake of "upgrading" from 1P3 to 1P4 on my iPad and it caused all sorts of havoc with it and 1PwdMac. Took about a week to get my 1Pwd data back and I immediately deleted 1P4 and went back to 1P3. I'm staying away from 1P4. With all the rave reviews of 1 Password 4 I was wondering if I was the only person to have had problems. I have yet to see anything except positively glowing reviews. My 1Password file had over items. When I ran the update it found my dropbox file. The problem -- there were only 10 items.

Everything else was missing. I uninstalled and used a backup file I created just in case. The really irritating thing is I've sent 2 emails to support and nothing back from the Agile folks. If everything were going so swimmingly with this launch I would have hoped for some "support" from support. I've bought numerous licenses and paid upgrades and re-bought in the Mac App store for the convenience and promise of the free upgrade to version 4.

I also bought countless iOS versions and paid upgrades. This lack of consideration from AgileBits makes me question how much more I want to support them. I'm not certain the problem is a lack of consideration from AgileBits as much as them not testing their update system adequately as well as not taking into account the fact that non-geek users would like to use their product.

This is entirely in keeping with the attitude of coding geeks that they are providing software FOR coding geeks, and they are NOT. They required a bank of ordinary users to perform QA in order to thrash out the bugs and poor procedure planning. My impression from chatting with them via email is that they got BURNED by their bad upgrade system as evidenced by a deluge of email complaints.

They have taken this under consideration and ARE responding as nicely as possible. I've never had a bad interaction with their support staff, which in this day and age of default customer disrespect within the business community is quite remarkable.

Updating to Safari 13

Good luck getting most tech companies these days to give a rat's. Hello Samsung! But blunder Agile did indeed.

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Sorry to hear of these problems. I'll look into them. And this was an old file that had originated in Keepass, had been exported into LastPass, then exported again into 1Password for Windows, then 1Password 3 for Mac, etc. Hopefully they'll get back to you very soon!

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I know they've been overwhelmed with the release - even if things have gone swimmingly for the vast majority of users, they have so many users that problems experienced by only a small percentage of users will still add up to a large number. Oh, I also had found a copy of my database on a Time Machine back-up and was able to get up and running in the interim while waiting for for them to get back to me - only to be told I should NOT do anything before they tell me to do so and to NOT use TM back-up copies. If 1P3 ever stops working, I'll go back to a spreadsheet of all my data and enter passwords manually; it's too important to leave to buggy software and an increasingly non-responsive support.

Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address. Josh Centers. Tonya Engst. Roger Moffat. At the moment my password storage is a mishmash between 1Password 3 and KeyChain. I'd appreciate some thoughts on this. Adam Engst.

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Bob Leedom. Ed Sikorski. Andreas Frick.

I'm not sure I understand what you're looking for? Can you explain more fully? Jeff Shepherd.

1password mac app store or website 1password mac app store or website
1password mac app store or website 1password mac app store or website
1password mac app store or website 1password mac app store or website
1password mac app store or website 1password mac app store or website
1password mac app store or website 1password mac app store or website
1password mac app store or website 1password mac app store or website

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